Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New location outside of New York

Hello all, Cheryl here with a request! I am looking for a new location (church with space/centers/building space/lofts/house/commercial space) outside of New York (preferably: Atlanta/Richmond/Raleigh) where we (program/team) feel our program will benefit both families and individuals in various communities and create jobs and serve.

We want to create a safe haven for girls/teens and connect with professionals and organizations that see this vision and would like to invest and/or participate in our program's activities and goals including: increasing building up adolescent females' level of esteem and confidence, increase an inner awareness of inner-strength, beauty and potential, find their identity in Christ, connect educational-career-goal and purpose to the natural and spiritual skills, gifts and talent. 

Please reach out if you know of any property/land that could be donated/sold/leased for minimum price to help us create multipurpose enrichment programs for both youth and their families to help strengthen communities and its residents. Thank you for the support. For more info about Goddaughters Workshop, peruse our website:  
If anyone has info please don't hesitate to contact me at: Fax #: ?
Phone: 718-640-4719

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