Helpful Resources and Information for You
College and Scholarship Info:
  • Ignite Your Faith-A blog with tons of college, hot topics in Christendom for high-school/college students, life stories, advice, shopping, ministry, fun and more. 
  • College Board- Info for high students to apply for scholarships, SAT preps, college admissions, college credits, advance prep...
  • Fastweb- Apply for scholarships and colleges, financial aid, career planning, essay help, and more...

There's info about-Signs of abuse; Parental help; Creative activity workshops; Healthy living and more:

·                     The signs of an abusive partner and effects of Bullying
·                     Teen and Parent Links
·                     Information about specials and prices of my hairstyling services
·                     My own Natural Body & Hair Butter, Lip Butters & Shampoo
·                     Hands on Lessons on Hair braiding, Twisting, Weaving etc

Please feel free to email me at or if you need safe, private counseling or conversation with me. You are not alone if you need and outside support system. You don't have to go through or feel alone. This is a village Intervention!

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