Saturday, May 3, 2014

As the Body of Christ, are we praying against these spirits at work in our children?

Nowadays, although we still have liberty in our country to read our Bibles, use our personal belongings while in public, we now have to be careful when walking in the street-using our cell phones??? The new negative behavioral trend now, aside from randomly punching people in the head, is snatching cell phones out of folk’s hands when their phones are visible to others.

Kids/youth today are more and more desensitized to the value of life, consideration, due diligence, love, family and respect. They’re bored/idle/neglected/thirsty/hungry/empty/lost & easily influenced/pressured into engaging in incomprehensive/destructive & dangerous activities “just for the fun of it.” They’re not armed with the mighty weapon of God-His Word!

The enemy can easily infiltrate them through these areas of desensitization-through their emotions, identity, vulnerability, esteem, dysfunctionality and psyche. The enemy also comes in the form of medicine, drugs, negative peer pressure, familial issues & generational patterns, and other substances. Many of young villagers have lost (or never learned) the art of engaging in constructive activities such as writing, reading for fun/relaxation, using their hands and minds for creativeness, building & crafting, sporting, socialization, etc.

Beloved, children in today’s society are not practicing self-control, healthy-critical reasoning/thought before action. It seems as if a spirit of suicide/mental illness & lack of impulse control is possessing/ruling their thoughts and emotions. I termed it ‘spirit’ because, it’s not that every one of them is diagnosed with some type of disability but they mimic the behavior of those with mental disabilities/developmental disabilities. The act of suicide is more prevalent today than ever before. It’s an easy way out and immediately contemplated.

When I’m speaking with, mentoring, counseling and coaching children and youth, I oft explored their thought process to find out what they actually think about before engaging in harmful (toward self & others) behavior. I often ask if and/or what they consider before they exhibit negative behaviors and if they consider the consequences and ramifications. The overarching theme that they respond with is, get this, “I was bored” “I don’t know” “No, I don’t think” “It seem fun at the time” and so on. It seemed like the only thing they’re more concerned about is getting caught” But not how their behavior will affect others! Sad!  Selah!

Just sharing one of the issues I am praying about. These are some of the issue I address within my goddaughters’ workshops.