Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome to Goddaughters Talk from Goddaughters Workshop LLC

Welcome to my Goddaughters Talk Blog where Big Girls (Adults) and Younger Girls (Teens) can chat, talk, share, discuss, encourage, cry, reach out, connect, relate, etc. So Invite your friends to join and sign up for upcoming events, local workshops, retreats, conferences.

Next Up: Hoping to host a workshop from March thru June, (2014) workshops in Jamaica (Queens) NY. After confirmation of location, season and time, you will be able to register on the website or contact me via email below or phone is on site as well.

During the next season's workshops, you guys (teen participants) can post any comments here regarding open discussions we have in workshops and continue the TALK!
Monthly, we can discuss various topics and gain insight about these topics.

If you have a question or concern that you would like to throw out there with respect to your peers and the values of Goddaughters which can be viewed on site: www.goddaughtersworkshop.com then leave your comment below. If you have questions about the upcoming sessions you can also leave a comment here or via email.

There's info about-Signs of abuse; Parental help; Creative activity workshops; Healthy living and more:
Please feel free to email me at gdwinfo@gmail.com or at pastorchoward7@gmail.com if you need safe, private counseling or conversation with me. You are not alone if you need and outside support system. You don't have to go through or feel alone. This is a village Intervention!

Ok, Let's Talk!
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