Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's "Self-esteem & Encouraging Positive Behavior Month"

It's "Self-esteem, Abstinence Education and decreasing/eliminating Promiscuous Behavior Month" with my teen clients/mentees. I'm hitting them hard with facts, consequences, affirmations, learning to rewrite their histories (I'll call it, "history in the making") and not letting history dictate the future, breaking generational familial patterns, confidence & esteem building, embracing and empowering peers, cognitive-behavior and psychoeducation. It's deliverance time...excited for new birth!

Change the way you think, change the way you feel and change your behavior-but through healing first. It's called healing holistically & deliverance in the spiritual. It's called healing emotionally and cognitive-behavioral changes in psychology. Check out video from Niko Everett creator of TEDx program, discussing inspirational and empowering messages and testimony of building her own self-esteem and helping young women do the same.