Sunday, August 18, 2013

 A Preachment! Let's teach the young people of this generation who unknowingly worship celebrity icons/idols/false doctrines/no doctrine/pagan deities that the only person they should mimic, follow and worship is Jesus, who is iconic, role model and idol! Goddaughters Workshop wants to redirect our youth towards your majesty Jesus! I'm honored! They will find out that they're privileged in God as His children with an eternal inheritance! OMG!!! 

   I'm on fire while writing this because I know it's a passion, mandate, assignment and clarion call! As God instructed the Children of Israel to speak of His wonders to their next generation so all will be blessed and redeemed. They need to learn about standards in God, holiness, sanctification, reverencing God, and righteousness. Although, some of us who were raised in a holiness background/denomination/church, we can admit and attest that in spite of any theological concepts, error based on ignorance (not a bad word or with negative connotation) or legalism, we learned discipline, structure, abiding by laws, love, all of the above (sanctification, righteousness...) and it's those teachings and structure that taught us about a holy God, living right, treating our neighbors right, respecting adults, helping those less fortunate, serving, humility, family values, prayer, fasting, interceding, being filled/endowed with the POWER of the Holy Ghost, walking in the Fruits of the Spirit, and so much more. 

   This is what kept us or brought some of us back to the Old Landmark! The Way! The Truth! The Life in Christ! Today, many are learning another gospel that allows them to be loose and false doctrine, focused on eloquent dialogue, feel-good sermons and motorvational speeches incorporated with pagan deities/philosophies, as the Apostle Paul warned the churches about that preach a jesus that allows and makes excuses for sin, pat people on their back instead of ministering the Gospel of reconciliation, who try to nurse demons (which is impossible), allow lasciviousness, altered/alternative/perverted life styles contrary to biblical teaching and on and on...     

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